If you are following my Instagram story you will notice that I share a lot of pictures while dissecting mouse eyes. The eyes are tiny and squishy so I need to be very careful. The eye hold its shape with the neural retina and vitreous humor inside. once out the dissection gets harder . I like to prepare the hood with all the supplies before starting: microscope, external light source, tubes, reagents and enzymes (weight and keep ready in the fridge). I extract the eyes from the mice and bring them to the tissue culture room to start dissecting different parts shown in the picture above but I throw all and keep the ciliary epithelium CE (where my stemcells live). I take the CE strips and add my enzymes to them to make a single cells suspension. After neutralizing with Trypsin inhibitor, I add fresh clean media with growth factors--> Count---> plate and incubate for 7 days . Last time I did 4 mice (8 eyes) but when I do bioreactor or FACS sorting experiments I usually to dissect 16 – 30 mice per experiment . If you are interested in eye development , retinal stem cells, degenerative eye diseases or eye diseases in general follow my post on Instagram or twitter @thepurplelilac. I also share them on my tumblr page - www.thepurplelilac.com Retinal stem cells dissection and culture - Tahani's contribution