Sean is the chief editor at The Skeptical Chemist and also a chemist working in the pharmaceutical industry. In the free time that he don't actually have ;-), he writes, edits and fact-check articles. He would like to contribute a piece dealing with the chemistry behind colour; why so many organic powders tend to be white, while dyes and inorganic complexes take on the most brilliant hues. Many new discoveries are made every day and published in scientific journals, but the channels that actually take this information and interpret it for the general public are few and far between. The importance of 'science communication' cannot be understated, as decision makers and the public need to base their opinion off of evidence-based research and facts instead of believing the latest trends circulating social media and even news websites - who might unwittingly regurgitate information from unreliable sources. The Skeptical Chemist was launched in March 2017 with the goal to communicate evidence-based science to the general public in a fun manner. The team and I create, edit and publish content that we hope will empower readers with insightful knowledge, while advocating the importance of rational and logical thinking. We're always on the lookout for contributors who might want to share their interesting science stories or personal research, as well talented science writers who are keen in joining our mission to bridge the gap between science and society. Sean Lim